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Do you still find the suitable helical ribbon mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-07 15:36:04

helical mixer

Do you still find the suitable helical ribbon mixer? Here is a suitable helical ribbon mixer manufacturer for you! JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of helical ribbon mixer supplier, it\'s found in 2004, and we specialize in helical ribbon mixer production over 10 years, trust us, get a good helical ribbon mixer!

helical ribbon

Helical ribbon mixer can be known as conical mixer on the powder mixing equipment,It\'s a kind of strong mixing effect equipment.Helical ribbon mixer make the material near the container wall upward movement and the center of the material down movement.It\'s soft but completely mixed with the flow of materials, a large number of materials can be achieved in a short time mixed.

helical mixer

Helical ribbon mixer can achieve high standards of mixing evenly and clean almost all of the material.We can design the suitable helical ribbon mixer according to your request, welcome to your inquiry in JCT Machinery!

helical ribbon

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