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Are you familiar with electrical silicone sealant adhesive mixing machine?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-08-30 11:18:24

electrical silicone sealant

As for electrical silicone sealant adhesive mixing machine supplier, we has been pursuing supplying the best electrical silicone sealant adhesive mixing machine for our clients.Not only can we design the suitable mixing machine for you, but also provide a complete electrical silicone sealant adhesive production plan for you!

What is the electrical silicone sealant adhesive? it's a kind of high viscosity sealant in silicone sealant area.it's  mostly used to caulk and seal for electronic and electric component;such as fridge, induction cooker, automobile lamp, solar energy lamp and spotlight and so on.

silicone sealant adhesive

And what is electrical silicone sealant adhesive mixing machine? it's a kind of ideal mixing machine for high viscosity mixing, dispersing, kneading,crushing and other functions;electrical silicone sealant adhesive mixing machine also used for other industries, such as BMC, silicone rubber,paint, ink,pigment, dyes etc.

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