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How to choose a suitable dry powder blending equipment?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-23 11:35:57

dry blending

Recently the weather in Foshan looks like a child'd face, we don't know when it will rain. Thus here I want to remind you don't forget to carry your umbrella if you go outside, or you will feel why it rains so suddenly! Anyway, return to today's topic that I want to share with you how to choose a suitable dry powder blending equipment.

powder equipment

As is known to all, there are several kinds of dry powder blending equipments in industrial. But the most commonly used of them are horizontal ribbon blender and twin conical screw mixer, which also called horizontal mixer and vertical mixer. So how to choose these two kinds of dry powder blending equipment? Generally speaking, vertical mixer's motor power is much smaller, but because of its vertical structure, it has a certain height, and it has some requirements for the height of the plant. Besides, it has a good performance in sealing, so it will generally be chosen for products which has some liquids in the process. For example, to make bio-fertilizer, we usually recommend you choose vertical mixer, but the price is more expensive than the horizontal mixer. 

dry blending equipment

However, due to the horizontal structure, horizontal mixer has less requirements for the height of the plant. But horizontal mixer needs higher motor power than vertical mixer, as well as the higher energy consumption. When there are not too much liquid in the filling and sealing, it will be recommended to use, such as detergent powder, coffee powder, and so on. And its price is cheaper than vertical mixer, so it is the much cost-effective one. In the daily choose for prodction equipments, we can choose according to actual situation like the production process. All in all, the suitable one is the best one! More information about dry powder blender equipments can contact with us!

dry blending