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Do you know soap mixer machine?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-04-17 12:01:48

soap mixer machine

The soap mixer machine, which is also called pressure type kneader, is a high viscosity slurry or elastoplastic material for kneading, mixing, pulverizing, dispersing and re-polymerizing, which can not be handled by a conventional powder mixer and a liquid mixer. How does kneading machine can be soap mixer machine?

soap mixer

Soap mixer machine is the ideal equipment for all kinds of chemical products, with stirring evenly and effectively kneading the advantages of no dead ends. The material is scraped, stretched, folded and squeezed between the blade, the groove wall and the ridge-like protrusion. The material is recycled from one end of the impeller to the other end. The two agitators are cut into tangents and rotated at different speeds to complete the kneading process. Tilt sol discharge material.

soap mixer machine

Soap mixer machine paddle shaft seal uses a unique vacuum box to balance the structure, to prevent the filler wear particles into the cylinder, to improve the system vacuum and material purity is particularly beneficial. It is usually used constant speed design, can also be designed according to customer requirements into the inverter speed. More information about soap mixer machine you have can contact with us!

soap mixer