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Things You Don’t Know About Dispersion System

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-04-20 09:48:51

Today, our new dispersion machine as shown up in our showroom and is ready to package and send to customer.

As our company’s representative, I would love to introduce the structure of the dispersing machine.

 dispersion system

At the top of the dispersing machine, there are three motor and three different kinds of paddles in the mixing tank. 

One of the paddles is doing revolution while others doing rotation. Three paddles rotate in different pace and the marital

in the vessel will be cut, ripe and mixed well in the end.

What is more, there is a scraper in the container and can help the martial get ripe of the container surface. Our dispersion

 system can help the container stays under the vacuum condition. We can make sure there is no babble while mixing.

Besides the feature above, the dispersion container can be moved freely, all the paddles are desirable.

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