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What is the difference between blender and mixer for powder products?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:40:35

blender and mixer

There\'re some differences between blender and mixer for powder products, actually,whatever you choose blender and mixer or other equipment,it depends on the kinds of powder you make.and then, let me tell you the difference between blender and mixer for powder products.

The blender and mixer is the same, it has no specific concept, and then, let me introduce the the difference between double screw cone mixer and horizontal mixer.

difference between blender and mixer

The mixing space structure of double screw cone mixer is the same as cone,it can achieve a obvious effect,it requests a high finesse, in addition, on the aspect of blender and mixer, it\'s easy to operate and adapts on a wide range.double screw cone mixer adopts automated control,reduced the manual largely,to add the enterprise production value.

difference between blender and mixer

Compared to double screw cone mixer,the horizontal mixer requests less mechanical power,but it can;t effect the mixing result,it belongs to energy-saving mixing equipment,but horizontal mixer needs more mixing time,the material particles can be adjusted in accordance with reasonable mechanical structure.the control power is very strong.

blender and mixer

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