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Can I customize the ribbon blender design?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 10:05:23

ribbon blender design

Can I customize the ribbon blender design? as a professional ribbon blender design manufacturer in China, we can provide the design service of ribbon blender, ribbon blender design can be understood horizontal mixer in JCT Machinery Co.,ltd, in addition, we can customized the ribbon blender design according to your requirement.

ribbon blender design

As for ribbon blender design,it consists of U-shaped containers, ribbon mixing blade and transmission components.The ribbon including continuous and disconnect.The helical ribbon blade is made of a double or triple outer spiral the material from both sides brings together the central inner spiral the material transported from tech center to the sides to form a stream mixed.

ribbon blender design

In addition,JCT ribbon blender design can be added to the mixer barrel outer jacket, cooling or heating of the material is achieved by injecting the cooling medium to the jacket.other configuration can be designed on your need. in general, it can be equipped with our ribbon blender design.

ribbon blender design

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