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How about the continuous resin mixer machine?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 11:59:11

continuous mixer

The continuous resin mixer machine belongs to a resins reaction machine, which is equipped with jacket, inner and outer coil.The mixing tank made of stainless steel with jacket for heating or cooling and insulating layer for outer. There are many options for choosing the type of Jacketed heating, such as electric heating, steam heating, oil heating.

resin mixer machine

The continuous resin mixer machine is well known as reactor,it can play a good performance on mixing, reaction, dispersion and other function.the main function is its mixing,continuous resin mixer machine has some type of mixing blazes,we can design the blaze on your specific requirement, if you need a related resins production line, you can also tell me about your need.

continuous mixer

In addition,we can also provide a complete technology support if necessary.so please don\'t worry about any operation of continuous resin mixer machine problem, whats more, we can provide the warranty for 3 years! To supply the suitable continuous resin mixer machine on your mind is our goal! JCT continuous resin mixer machine, you best choice!

continuous mixer

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