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What is the common function in mixers and agitators?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-05 12:07:49

mixer and agitator

What is the common function in mixers and agitators for resins? in general,there\'rev many common function in mixers and agitators.The mixers and agitators belong to chemical mixing equipment,the main function are mixing, reaction,dispersion and so on.as a in mixers and agitators manufacturer in China,we focus on producing the suitable mixers and agitators on our client\'s requirement.

mixers and agitators

Let\'s talk about one of main mixers and agitators for resins,there\'re many kinds of chemical mixers and agitators on the market.first of all,we get to know that resins reactor is a kind of mixers and agitators,which is a professional chemical mixer used in many aspects, such as adhesives, rubber, super glue, paint, ink,pharmaceutical, food and so on.With continue experiment of resins production,chemical reactor is widely accepted by overseas customers.

mixers and agitators

JCT mixers and agitators for resins adopts the stainless steel as its contact material.it can protect the mixers and agitators from outer damage and chemical rusty, with automatic design, it can save greatly manpower and production time,shortly,JCT mixers and agitators for resins can be customized on your need!

mixer and agitator

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