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Let time memorize that simple happiness - how is the production of colored modeling clay?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-22 18:23:34

modling clay

Everyone's childhood memories are good: snacks, cartoons, pinch clay figurines, etc., although slowly grow up we will use very disgusted expression said: really naive! But it is undeniable that everyone's childhood in their own heart left an unforgettable memories! Regardless of whether it is perfect, we will cherish and solemnly keep them in the bottom of my heart. Let time memorize, that simple happiness.

modling clay

Today's children like to play colored modeling clay, which I can not help but recall the clay before we play, although every time they will be dirty, and go home have to face the dumbfounded parents. And now children play with colored modeling clay, it is simple, but more convenient! Do you know how to make it now?

colored modeling clay

The general process is through the kneading machine of the shear, squeeze, stir, it is homogeneous mixing of raw materials to form a dough like colored modeling clay. And then through the extruder to form a shape and length of the size of a certain specification of colored modeling clay, and then through the cutting, packaging and other steps to complete the production of colored modeling clay. Indeed, the progress of science and technology has changed our lives, but also let the childhood become more beautiful! If you have any problems with the production equipment of colored modeling clay, you can always contact us!

colored modeling clay