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Could you tell me the chemical types of industrial mixers in JCT?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-02-25 10:34:46

types of industrial mixers

As a professional industrial mixers manufacturer in China, JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd produces many chemical types of industrial mixers on the chemicals mixture machine market. As far as JCT concerned,chemical types of industrial mixers could be included for some main types of industrial mixers, such as reactor, kneading machine,multi-functional dispersion machine, powder mixer and so on.

mixer industri

If you want to invest the business for resins, silicone oil, waste silica cracking, PU sealant, water-based polyurethane, nail free glue and other oil based glue, water-based glue, paint and other,reactor from chemical types of industrial mixers in JCT is a good choice!

types of industrial mixers

Then, if you want to make liquid silicone rubber, Liquid silica gel, RTV-2,chewing gum, hot melt glue, butyl rubber,the kneading machine form chemical types of industrial mixers in JCT is a suitable one!

mixer industri

Thirdly, if you want to produce the silicone sealant, all kinds of adhesives,there\'re four choice for you, they are planetary mixer, power mixer, dispersion machine and high speed dispersion machine, all of them have different functions, you can choose one of them or combine them if necessary.

types of industrial mixers
Cone Mixer

mixer industri

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Powder products could be considered into powder mixing equipment, we have cone mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer, agravic mixer and colter mixer, in addition to powder product, these powder mixer can be used for cellulose,putty powder and so on.

types of industrial mixers

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