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Do you know well about the chemical twin screw compounder?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-23 15:51:54

twin screw compounder

Are you familiar with the chemical twin screw compounder? and do you know well about chemical twin screw compounder? In general, chemical twin screw compounder is also known as twin screw conical mixer or conical mixer.JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd as one of chemical twin screw compounder manufacturer in China,we have more than 10 years for produce suitable chemical twin screw compounder for our customers.

JCT twin screw compounder

JCT chemical twin screw compounder is one of a powder mixing equipment, which consists of two asymmetric cantilever screws,longer one and shorter one.They rotate around the axis of the rotation (rotation) at the same time, but also around the cone of the central axis of the cone;Chemical twin screw compounder rotation, revolution has a set of motor and cycloid reducer components, mixing range, mixing speed.

twin screw compounder

JCT chemical twin screw compounder is more suitable than other compounders,it\'s a new type of efficient, high-precision mixing equipment,which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, feed waiting for a variety of powder mixture.

JCT twin screw compounder

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