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Some tips for choose a suitable chemical ribbon blade

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-12-28 12:01:48

ribbon blade

When we come to chemical ribbon mixer for powder, what do you think of it? if you're a new business man,whatever you want to purchase chemical ribbon mixer or chemical ribbon blade, you need to find a suitable supplier, right? JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd as one of chemical ribbon mixer manufacturer in China,we can design the ideal type of chemical ribbon with blaze you need! and here are some useful tips for choosing a suitable chemical ribbon blade.

ribbon blade

As for chemical ribbon blade, you can get to know the chemical ribbon mixer, it's a wide application for powder production machine,it's not only used for powder, but also used for liquid and powder, powder and powder, powder and paste mixing, the design is up to your requirement.

How to choose a suitable chemical ribbon blade? here you are as follows;

ribbon blade1.For different materials, the mixing equipment in addition to structural strength and power of different,the material gate, rotor, body and other structural forms and even speed and other performance parameters are often quite different.

ribbon blade2.For fine-grained materials, pay special attention to the sealing of production equipment,while the amount of residue should be carefully considered. 

ribbon blade

ribbon blade3.Multi-faceted to consider other special properties of the impact of the choice of equipment,Such as poor fluidity or liquid to add more material,according to specific operation and condition, you can select suitable and rational high shear coulter, Flying, crushing roller and other institutions,Wear faster of the body need to be polished and can be adjusted and replaced.

ribbon blade4.For materials that require heating or with chemical reactions, in addition to selecting the appropriate material and temperature control structure,the impact of temperature changes on the equipment itself should be noted.

ribbon blade 5.Installation space is also a matter of choice when selecting mixing equipment. Reasonable on-site layout and installation methods can also effectively improve the installation space conditions .

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ribbon blade

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