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Why does chemical plough mixer accepted by many customers?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-15 20:56:34

plough mixer

As a professional chemical plough mixer manufacturer in China, we get to know that chemical plough mixer is a kind of chemical powder mixer, which has many advantages over the chemical plough mixer selection, such as flexible material selection,reliable drive configuration,high efficient stirring device,excellent discharge device,powerful auxiliary components and so on.

plough mixer

Chemical plough mixer can adopts some types of seal, there\'re some types of seal ways, they are packing seal,modular gas seal and mechanical seal,which can address the issues of particles, powder, micron-grade powder, liquid, slurry state of the spindle seal.Chemical plough mixer can be used to install a variety of components, commonly used coil jacket, honeycomb pressure jacket, circulating medium jacket, on-line sampling valve, high-speed flying knife, temperature detection, weighing systems, dust purification and other components.

plough mixer

The plow type head for chemical plough mixer can achieve rapid replacement effect.Coulter for wear-resistant treatment, it\'s more suitable for wear and tear faster working conditions.chemical plough mixer can be designed according to your requirement, if you\'re interested in chemical plough mixer, welcome to leave me your message on 008618028192312.

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