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How can use the chemical paint mixer shaker?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-21 13:56:12

mixer shaker

The chemical paint mixer shaker is also called high speed dispersion machine,which is suitable for mixing, dissolving and dispersing liquid and liquid-solid materials in the chemical industry such as paint, coating, dye, pigment, ink, paper making and adhesive and so on.Chemical paint mixer shaker can mix and disperse little air absorption.

mixer shaker

The chemical paint mixer shaker need to pay attention to operation. Before operation, you need to check the necessary device is normal or not,such as hydraulic oil level, main motor,power supply and other devices. in addition,add the prepares material into the tank of chemical paint mixer shaker,check the operation condition, after operation, you should carefully discharge the material from the tank of chemical paint mixer shaker.

mixer shaker

The chemical paint mixer shaker need operator cares a lot,because it\'s related to safety problem towards the chemical paint mixer shaker operation. JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd focus on every details of chemical paint mixer shaker,we provide more than 3 years maintenance, JCT chemical paint mixer shaker,you best choice!

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