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What is the chemical helical blade mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-03-28 11:23:22

helical blade mixer

The chemical helical blade mixer can be understood as vertical ribbon blender for powder has wide adaptability to the mixed material, does not produce overheating to the heat-sensitive material, does not press and grind the granular material, and does not cause the debris separation phenomenon.

JCT helical blade mixer

JCT chemical helical blade mixer is applicable to the proportion of material disparity, powder particles quite large material.The heat-sensitive materials will not produce overheating;In the powder - powder mixing process, it is very convenient to add the conditions required for the liquid or set up to a number of spray mouth device.

helical blade mixer

JCT chemical helical blade mixer is widely used for  pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials and other industries powder, granular material mixture.we can design the suitable chemical helical blade mixer according to your request.

JCT helical blade mixer

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