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JCT is one of a blender manufacturers?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 15:13:43

blender manufacturers

JCT is one of a blender manufacturers? yes, you\'re right,JCT\'s whole name is JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd,it\'s a professional chemical blender manufacturers in China, with good quality and good services of chemical blender,the chemical blender can be divided into many types in JCT Machinery, they\'re reactor, kneading machine,high and low speed dispersion machine, powder mixer and other chemical blenders.

blender manufacturer

Here we get to know one of blenders in blender manufacturers,it\'s powder blender, we have two main types of powder blender, one is double cone mixer, another is horizontal mixer.The double cone mixer can be called double cone blender,which is widely used in chemical, ceramic powder, pesticide, dye, food, pigment, glaze, feed, building materials, rare earth powder and powder (solid-solid).

blender manufacturers

The horizontal mixer can be understood as horizontal blender,which is widely used in chemical, battery raw materials, coatings, dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, food, feed additives, refractories, new materials, electronic plastics, ceramics, fertilizer, metallurgy, mining, dry mortar, The efficiency of horizontal blender can be better than double cone blender.

blender manufacturer

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