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What is the chemical animal feed mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-25 11:50:02

animal feed mixer

The chemical animal feed mixer is a kind of chemical powder mixing equipment with wide range, if farmers need to choose this kind of chemical animal feed mixer,chemical animal feed mixer is also called horizontal ribbon mixer,it\'s a good choice for buyers.

JCT animal feed mixer

Chemical animal feed mixer is suitable for powder material processing and mixing,fast mixing unloading,no residual, high effective and other advantages.Fineness and semi-fluid material is used by the manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve,chemical animal feed mixer can be configured to heat or cooling jacket, heating methods are electric heating and heating oil.

animal feed mixer

Chemical animal feed mixer has the advantages of simple structure, fast running speed, and stable, the daily maintenance is also convenient.Chemical animal feed mixer can be designed into the type of your requirement,we have more than 10 years chemical animal feed mixer manufacturing experience. JCT chemical animal feed mixer,your best choice!

JCT animal feed mixer

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