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Saudi Arabian client visited JCT Machinery for discussing best super glue production line equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-24 11:17:17

best super glue

On July 22th, 2017, a client from Saudi Arabia visited JCT Machinery for discussing best super glue production line equipment. Now let me tell you how is the visit.

glue equipment

In the morning of last Saturday, our colleague got to know the news that he would come and started to make some preparation. We confirmed the time after lunch that he would come, and then drove to his hotel pick him up. Through talking with him, we knew he is a strict person and has superior ability in arranging his time. Thus it is nothing strange that after visiting us he would go to see a friend as well as attend a meeting. He also has studied China before, so can hear and understand some chinese. For every client, we are all willing to keep good impress for each other.

best super glue

As for the needs of this client, we know super glue is often used in many area in our daily life. It is an industrial adhesive, containing organic solvent toluene, which storage method is canned or tube and other containers. If you want to know more information about best super glue production line equipment, you can contact with JCT Machinery!

glue equipment

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