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What is the application of twin screw mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-08-02 11:12:24

twin screw mixer

The twin screw mixer a new type of highly efficient, high-precision particle mixing equipment, which is widely used in all kinds of powder particles of chemicals, pesticides, dyes, medicines, food, feed, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other industries of mixing.

Twin screw mixer is advanced structure,easy, safe and reliable operation, without bottom bearing,twin screw mixer without bottom bearing,which eliminates the bottom of the bearing caused by the powder bleeding.Fast mixing speed,uniform quality,the twin screw mixer is asymmetric double helix arrangement,and a small stirring to expand scope.

Twin screw mixer can play a significant role in energy saving effect,it's good at energy consumption compared with the native drum mixer.The mixed formulations is stable, the stratification and segregation phenomenon does not occur.

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