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The introduction of agitator motor?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-10-30 15:42:46


When we come to agitator motor, it will assocoate with a chemical agitator with high speed, of course,high speed agitator that is true ! has a high speed and good result for paint.

The agitator motor is new and efficient mixing equipment for liquid raw material crushing, dispersion, emulsification, mixing, it works through upper and lower scattered disk operation,with high speed, to achieve rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing, refined features.

There are two types towards agitator motor, conventional high-speed agitator and new ultra-fine type, as for conventional high-speed agitator,which is suitable for paints, dyes, inks, paints, cosmetics, resins, adhesives, emulsions, pharmaceutical, oil, and other areas of liquid and liquid - powder phase materials, speed can be adjusted (0-1440 r / min).New ultra-fine agitator motor adopts sanitary stainless steel, precision production, to ensure the powder-liquid mixing and the stability of the device.

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