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Which adhesive blender equipment can meet many chemicals production requirement?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-12-23 11:39:54

blender equipment

Which adhesive blender equipment can meet many chemicals production requirement?as a adhesive blender equipment manufacturer, we launched a new type of adhesive blender equipment, which can be known as planetary mixing machine or power mixer, it's a high efficient mixing equipment over many chemicals mixing and dispersion process.

blender equipment

The adhesive blender equipment collects the advantages of planetary mixer and powerful dispersion machine, the mixing blazes inner tank can achieve revolution and rotation of the adhesive blender equipment, its speed can be frequent control, which can make a complicated and strong movement towards the material.By crushing and kneading process, material can be fully dispersed and mixed.

blender equipment

JCT adhesive blender equipment is designed into advanced structure, it's easy to operation, safe and reliable operation, the mixing speed is faster and keep a balance mixed material quality,adhesive blender equipment has many advantages, such as remarkable energy saving effect, long maintenance etc.

blender equipment