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What's wrong with the Shell Companies's reaction kettle?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-10 10:29:12

The use rate of the reactor in the chemical industry is very high and can also be applied to Mobil's oil production. However, due to some uncontrollable factors, the problem of improper operation and maintenance of employees, the use of time and so on will affect the sealing of the reaction kettle, which leads to the failure of the reaction kettle to work normally or to be a potential safety hazard.

JCT technicians, based on past experience, will give you a reference and answer how to deal with the leakage of reaction kettle.


When sealing is used, packing seal is used.

1. The mixing shaft is worn or corroded at the filler, resulting in too large clearance.

2. Improper oil ring position or blockage of oil can not form oil seal.

3. The gland is not pressed, the quality of filler is poor, or it has been used too long.

4. packing box corrosion

Mechanical seals are used when the seal is sealed:

1. The end face deformation of the static and static ring, the bruise

2. The end face is overpressure, and the friction pair produces thermal deformation

3. The sealing ring is not suitable for material selection, the pressing force is not enough, or the V shape seal ring is reversed, and the sealing performance is lost.

4. The vertical error of the axis and the end of the static ring is too large

5. Operation pressure, temperature instability, hard particles into friction

6. The quantity of shaft string exceeds the index

7. Inlaid or slit leaking

Treatment methods:

1. Replace or repair the mixing shaft, and process on the machine tool to ensure roughness.

2. Adjust the position of the oil ring and clean the oil road

3. Press packing, or replace fillers

4. Repair or replace

5. Replacement of friction pairs or Regrinding

6. Adjust the specific pressure should be appropriate, strengthen the cooling system, take away the heat in time.

7. Seal material selection, installation should be reasonable, to have enough compacting force.

8. Stop the machine, re locate, ensure that the verticality is less than 0.5mm

9. Strictly control the process parameters, and the particles and crystals can not enter the friction pair.

10. The adjustment and overhaul make the volume of the shaft reach the standard

11. Improve the installation process, or the amount of interference should be appropriate, or adhesive better use, solid.

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