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What is putty powder mixing machine ?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-09 09:37:55

At present, many users choose the original vertical conical mixing equipment in the field of powder / powder mixing equipment, but JCT Machinery suggest that because there are many shortcomings and high maintenance rates in the vertical conical mixer, the horizontal mixer should be selected when mixing powder / powder or granular materials, which has high mixing efficiency. The mixing quality is good, the discharging time is short, and the residual quantity is also small.

Working principle: 

With the actuation of the directly link decelerator, the rotormoves in a fixed direction and, during its movement, the horizontal ribbon mixer pushed the material to move along with the axis and, on the other hand, throw the material to the front upper of the helicalribbon. The helical ribbon on the outside layer makes the material always moving towards the center of the barrel while the one on the inside layer makes the material moving towards two ends from the center, thus two cycled ways offlowing are formed with the material, making it fullmixed in the repeatedflowing circulation. 

putty powder mixing machine

It is widely used in the mixing of putty paste, stone lacquer, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemical, feed, ceramics, refractory materials, solid solid (powder and powder), solid slurry (powder and slurry), especially for the mixture of sticky materials.

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