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What part of the Liquid Silicone Rubber production process do you want to know .

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:58:56

Today I will tell you it is injection molded like this .


 Liquid Silicone Rubber is a two-component liquid material divided into A component and B component . The mixer works by mixing the A component and the B component in a precise 1:1 ratio . Because some products are colored , they are equipped with a color pump set  and a color metering part .The A+B components , additives , colors , ect .are thoroughly mixed and then enter the plasticizing system .

The plasticizing screw has the function of homogenization and mixing , and the mixture is injected into the hot mold though a screw , and the curing reactor of the Liquid Silicone Rubber occurs at a mold temperature of 170 to 200 Centigrade .When using a cold runner is system ,it is worth noting that the runner system ,it is worth nothing that the rubber is cold enough .In order to avoid leakage of glue , the needle valve is mounted on the surface of the mold part , and when the injection is completed ,the needle valve immediately closes the nozzle 


Production line equipment configuration:

1) Vacuum kneader;

2) High viscosity pump,

3) Base storage tank,

4) Heating system(according to actual needs),

5) Vacuum system

6)Three roll grinding machine

7) Multi-function dispersing and mixing machine or planetary mixer

8) Hydraulic discharging machine,

9) Cooling system,

2. Explain:

1)we can design the production line according to the actual situation of the customer and the actual production.

2)If customers need, we can provide design, planning, equipment manufacturing, installation andcommissioning, production technology guidance, production personnel

3)training and a whole set of services according to the actual needs of customers. 


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