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What machines can produce paint?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-03-26 16:35:50

Water-based paint

The paint production equipment consists of feeding system, dispersing system, grinding system, adjusting paint system, discharging and filtering system, filling system, control system, operation platform and color paste production part.  From feed to discharge, product packaging, fully automated production, assembly line production process, high efficiency, the use of internationally advanced dispersion grinding system, fineness, product quality and stability.JCT offers the following production equipment:

high speed disperser

1. Dispersion system. We use a multi-cylinder disperser with high efficiency, space saving, and easy electric rotation.  2. The grinding system adopts a horizontal horizontal sand mill, which can achieve the fineness requirements once. The grind grinding can choose basket-type grinding or rod-pin type horizontal sand mill.  3. The paint adjustment system adopts a multi-functional stirring equipment. Both the high and low viscosity products can be applied, and varnish can also be produced.  4, filter bags and vibration type, according to the product to choose to use. Filled with both automatic and semi-automatic, 0.5-1000L variety of packaging specifications to choose from.

high speed disperser (2)

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