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What is the anchor agitator equipment?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 11:20:46

anchor agitator

The anchor agitator equipment is the main anchor agitator in JCT Machinery Co.Ltd. as a professional anchor agitator equipment manufacturer in China over 10 years, we are focusing on producing the suitable anchor agitator equipment for our clients.anchor agitator equipment is your good choice for resins, paint, adhesives and other chemicals products production.

agitator equipment

JCT anchor agitator equipment is also well known as reactor, which has many stirring types, such as anchor paddle, block, ribbon, turbine type, a dispersing disc and other types.anchor agitator equipment consists of mixing system, heating&cooling system, filling system and other configuration.Anchor agitator equipment can combine or break down the materials through its function.

anchor agitator

JCT anchor agitator equipment is widely used in adhesives, various resins,paint, ink, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other chemicals production.in addition,JCT anchor agitator equipment can be design the suitable type according to your requirement, you just need to tell us your basic request information. welcome to contact us on my mobile or message at 008618028192312.

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