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What is silicone glue?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-06-15 16:30:33

silicone glue

What is silicone glue? maybe you\'re confusing with this question, but it doesn\'t matter, as a silicone glue machine manufacturer, we not only provide the machine for making the silicone glue, but also provide the formular about silicone glue.

What is silicone glue? It\'s a kind of silicone rubber, it is widely used in adhesive phone keys, silicone and silicone, silica and metal, plastic, plating components, silicone rubber, ceramics, wood, stone, glass, nylon, leather etc.

Different from silicone glue nature and raw materials, it can be divided into the adhesive at room temperature and high temperature, the main component is silicone and crosslinking agent.

There are many features in silicone glue,they are high performance, high strength, good flexibility, and resistance to boiling water and so on.

what is silicone glue
What\'s more, we are a mixing machine manufacturer for silicone glue, kneader is a idea production equipment for a high viscosity materials. thus it is suitable for silicone glue production.

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