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What is rtv silicone machine for glue?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-18 11:05:54

rtv glue

RTV Silicone (room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber) is often used for bonding, sealing, insulation, moisture, shockproof materials. It is widely used in electronic components, semiconductor materials, electronic appliances and other equipment bonding, sealing, electric heaters, electronic instrument waterproof, sealed, and electronic components such as potting. As a rtv silicone machine for glue manufacturer, we can talk something about it.

rtv silicone glue

Rtv silicone machine for glue is a new type of efficient mixing equipment, can be stirred to any place in the mixing tank. It has a unique mix of innovative forms, with two or three sets of blender and a set of scraper cylinders.

rtv silicone glue

The stirrer of rtv silicone machine for glue rotates around the axis of the body and rotates around its axis at different speeds, allowing the material to move in the kettle body by strong shear and mixing. In addition, the blades rotate around the axis of the mixing cylinder, scratch the material on the wall, and re-mix the material to make it more efficient. More machine information you want to know can contact us!

rtv glue

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