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What is plasticine made of ?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-07-04 10:45:04

what is plasticine made of

What is plasticine made of? it's mainly made from calcium carbonate as raw materials,liquid paraffin as oil component, formulated with glycerin, etc. and it's used for infants, children and persons concerned to practice making pottery and other clay used oil.

The plasticine can be divided into Industrial plasticine and new plasticine(oil clay),Industrial plasticine is a kind of sludge, there is a wide range of uses.its properties can be stated, advanced color clay is non-toxic and environmental protection,the plasticine is mainly for handicrafts, metal, plastic mold ie, in addition, it can be recycled and durable.

Oil Clay is a new plasticine,this type of modeling clay is mainly calcium carbonate as raw materials,liquid paraffin oil component.some details are stated above.what;s more, if you're a plastcine or want to set a business, welcome to JCT for more details.