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What is a planetary mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-07-05 15:00:21

    The planetary mixer is a high-efficiency and dead-end mixing equipment, and it is a multi-functional mixing machine. While the planetary mixer is spinning, it is also revolving, just like the planetary motion in the universe.


Planetary mixer is suitable for mixing, reacting, dispersing and dissolving multi-component solid-solid phase, solid-liquid phase and liquid-liquid phase materials required by chemical, light industry, food, battery, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries. Modulation and other processes; preparation of various high-viscosity materials such as inks, pigments, adhesives, sealants, encapsulating ointments, paste materials, greases, paints, ointments, cosmetics, additives, and the like.

   Planetary mixer performance:

   1. Vacuum resistance: the material can be operated under vacuum;

   2. The kettle body can be heated by electricity, steam, water and oil. The unique temperature detecting device on the drive shaft ensures that the material temperature error is less than ±1 °C, and the jacket, bottom jacket and jacket inner coil and deflector can be cooled;

   3. The inner wall of the kettle is finished by a large vertical car, and then automatically polished by a large polishing machine to ensure that the movable scraper on the planet carrier (suitable for the sealant) completely scrapes off the material on the inner wall of the kettle body when rotating;

   4. The twisted frame in the kettle (the pitch between the paddle and the paddle, the paddle and the wall of the bucket is 3-4mm), the paddle (multi-blade), and the rotation of the propeller also rotates to make the material flow up and down and around, so that it can be in a short time. Achieve mixing (mixing) effect;

  Finally, the equipment can also be stirred under vacuum pressure, can be degassed by exhausting, and can be scraped and grounded without any dead point. In addition, the lid can be hydraulically lifted and out of stock. It can be moved freely and is very convenient to operate.

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