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What is V-shape powder mixing system?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-07-14 10:34:05

powder mixing

The V-shape powder mixing system can be introduced from its advantages,composition,working process and other aspects.then ,let\'s learn the V-shape powder mixing system.

At the beginning, V-shape powder mixing machine is a new, efficient mixing device with fine container rotation and stirring type.it\'s for a variety of powder, granular materials mixing,in addition, it will have a good performance for adding small amounts of ingredients.

Secondly,V-shape powder mixing machine in JCT adopts mechanical seal,with the advantages of no leakage of powder and long life bearings, it\'s high efficiency mixing machine with low labor intensity and easy to operate also.It can be widely magnet, ceramics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, feed and other industries.

Finally, let\'s turn to V-shape powder mixing machine composition and working process. V-shape powder mixing machine consists of "V" shaped tube, mechanical seals, frame, creeper gear, stirring blades, The machine\'s working process is:the mixing of several materials required to put into "V" shaped tube through vacuum transfer or artificial feeding, put cylinder cover and open the device,then ,the materials go into mixing system. the working process of V-shape powder mixing machine has no dead ends, mixed materials can quickly achieve uniform results.

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