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What cause the Dry powder mixer Crash?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2018-04-06 15:58:08

putty powder

What are some common minor problems that prevent the machine from functioning? The technical staff of our company has summarized the following issues based on past experience.

1. Shake - When starting the dry powder mixer, do not rush to feed, wait until the speed of the equipment reaches a steady level after the next feeding.

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2. Equipment downtime - In the process of feeding, we must master the speed of feeding, do not be quick and easy, in case of too much material in the mixing chamber of the equipment leading to the phenomenon of downtime, once the phenomenon of downtime is found, immediately shut down. In the production process, vibrations, noises, or high bearing temperatures are found. When the material is fed back from the feed inlet, it is necessary to check the shutdown and discharge the fault before continuing work.

horizontal ribbon mixer

3. Deadlock at feed port - During the production process, it was found that the material stuck at the feed port. Be sure to stand at the side of the equipment for cleaning. Do not stand at the front to prevent the material from causing damage to workers.

4. Remaining material - Before stopping the production of the equipment, the dry powder mixer should be run for a few more minutes. The purpose is to allow the material in the mixing chamber to be discharged without safety. This facilitates normal start-up the next day.

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