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What are the precautions for maintenance and maintenance of the powerful disperser?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-10 11:01:40

The powerful dispersing machine is a high-efficiency non-dead-point multi-functional mixer that has been proven by practice. Compared with the high-speed dispersing machine, the blade form mainly has two butterfly-type stirring blades on the upper and a high-speed dispersing disk paddle. The blade is scraped with a mountain-shaped scraper to make the material move in the kettle. The high-speed disperser has only one high-speed dispersing disc blade, which has great advantages.


    The strong dispersing machine has good sealing performance, can be vacuumed, has good exhaust and defoaming effect, the kettle lid can be hydraulically lifted and lowered, the kettle body can move freely, is efficient and easy to operate, and has been widely used.

So what are the precautions in the maintenance and maintenance of the powerful dispersing machine? It mainly includes three processes: pre-boot, boot-on and shutdown:

Before booting:

   1. Check whether the oil level of the disperser is filled to the specified position. When the oil level is low, it should be added to the specified oil level in time; when the oil level is high, it should be placed in the specified position.

   2. Check if the tension at the V-belt is appropriate.

   3. The impeller should be rotated flexibly by hand, without friction.

   4. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether there is leakage in each sealing part.

   5. Turn on the main motor of the disperser and check if the direction of the agitation is the same as the direction specified by the equipment.

   6. Confirm that the above inspection work is correct before turning on the machine.

When booting:

   1. Place the impeller in the center of the disperser container, and lower the button to the lowest position or the required position.

   2. The two handles must be locked before they can be turned on.

   3. Open the main motor and press the button according to the speed required for operation.

   4. During the operation, always pay attention to the current situation. If it is found that there is overload operation, stop it immediately and check the cause. After taking measures, continue to operate the disperser.


   1. Stop the main motor first, so that the impeller stops rotating.

   2. Open the disperser up button to raise the spindle impeller to the container and clean the impeller.

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