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What are the advantages of a power mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-06-05 15:04:34

Many people may wonder why the price of a power mixer is more expensive than that of other mixers.

power mixer

Because the power mixer assembled the advantages of planetary mixer and powerful dispersing machine, the advantages are as follow:

1. Advanced structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation.

2. The double helix of the power mixer is asymmetrical, and the mixing range is enlarged by a small one, so it is more suitable to mix the material with the ratio of disparity.

3. The energy-saving effect is remarkable, and the energy consumption of this machine is only one-tenth compared with the roller type mixer.

4. The abrasion and pressure feeding of the particulate material are small, and no overheat reaction occurs to the heat-sensitive material mixture.

5. The mixed formulation is stable without delamination and segregation.

6. The auto-revolution and revolution of the power mixer have a set of motor and cycloidal pin reducer completed.

power mixer

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