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Tire repair adhesive production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-30 15:09:44

Tire repair adhesive production line

product description:

In daily life, the tires of various vehicles are punctured by nails and other sharp objects, causing the tires to leak, seriously affecting people's lives and work, especially the leaking of tubeless tires, usually by the method of rubber strips. tire. However, when you hit rubber, you must increase the break, so that the tires are artificially destroyed, and there will be a slight leak after the repair. Therefore, many people can only helplessly change the tires, but the new tires may be punctured at any time. What should I do? In order to overcome the above problems, the tire self-refilling liquid is the most ideal accessory. If the tire is pre-applied with a proper amount of glue, when the tire is punctured, the special substance in the glue can quickly and effectively block the break and solidify into a film. Fill the gap. At the same time, in the future, the tires will be punctured and will not leak, no tire repair, and can extend the service life of the tires. The tire self-refilling liquid is suitable for all kinds of tires, which is convenient, worry-free, time-saving and economical.

The amount of tire binder:

Bicycle 100ml-150ml electric car 200ml-350ml

Motorcycle 350ml-500ml car 500ml-800m

Specifications of tire adhesive: 150ml 350ml. 500ml. 800ml

How to use the tire self-rehydration:

1. Unscrew the tire valve core and release the gas inside the tire.

2. Before the glue is injected, it must be shaken evenly, then tear off all the film of the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, put the hose on the bottle cap, and the other end of the hose is placed on the tire valve, squeeze the bottle by hand. It is injected into the tire in a physical way.

3. After the glue is squeezed into the tire, remove the residue on the valve, screw the valve core, then charge the tire to the specified air pressure with an air pump, and rotate the tire to disperse the glue.

Tire self-rehydration tire repair principle:

1Injecting the tire into the tire from the replenishing liquid. When the tire rotates, the glue is evenly attached to the inner wall of the tire in the form of liquid under the action of centrifugal force. Once the tire is pierced, the air pressure in the tire will cause the glue to flow rapidly to the puncture hole and form. The protective film will be repaired at the break.

.2 in the tire tread area inside the tire rubber jacket, the thorn of the product sealing surface area. When the tire is punctured, the escaping air carries the sealant to the puncture. The liquid-repellent portion of the sealant and the accumulation and interweaving of the fibers and adhesive form a flexible insert. This will allow the product to instantly seal any punctures that may occur.

Don't waste time repairing leaking tires. Self-healing sealant prevents the apartment for up to two years. When the tire is rotated as a sealant, the centrifugal force pushes the rubber tread area to form a layer of protection, and the existing thorn is treated when the repair of the perforation occurs.

Matters needing attention when using tires from rehydration:

1. Tire repair scope: There are tube tires that are stabbed, the diameter of the sharp objects is not more than 3mm, the tubeless tires are stabbed, and the diameter of the sharp objects is not more than 6mm.

2. If you find that the nail is tied, please unplug it in time to prevent the nail from causing more damage to the tire.

3. The tire must be used under normal air pressure.

4. If the tire is found to be leaking, turn the tire.

5. If the side of the tire, or the edge of the tire is broken, the nozzle is damaged. Glue does not guarantee the effect.

When the tire is refilled or deflated, the nozzle position should be turned to the top of the tire to prevent the glue from ejecting.

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