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The application of reaction kettle to the production of alkyd resin

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-01 14:41:59

Alkyd resin is a kind of polymer with condensation and acetylation. Its synthetic materials are polyfunctional alcohols, polybasic acids and vegetable oil or fatty acids. Polyester is the main chain, side chain is unsaturated fatty acid, residue is base or base, and the molecular weight of side chain is low. Alkyd resin curing is achieved by condensation of side chain unsaturated fatty acids or condensation with other resins.

Alkyd resin production line

Alkyd resin is an oil modified polyester resin, which is made by condensation polymerization of polyols, phthalic anhydride and fatty acids or oil (triglycerides). According to the number and structure of double bond in fatty acid (or oil) molecule, it can be divided into three categories: dry, semi dry and non dry. Dry alkyd resins can be cured in air; non drying alkyd resins are mixed with amino resins and can be cured by heating. In addition, it can also be divided into short, medium, long and very long alkyd resins according to the content of fatty acid (or oil) or phthalic anhydride used. Alkyd resin cured into a film, gloss and toughness, strong adhesion, and has good wear resistance, weatherability and insulation.

The properties of alkyd resins are related to the types of oil. With the size and structure of the molecular weight, the properties are different, and they are widely used in paint, paint, and ships.

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