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The summary of cosmetic mixing equipment

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-07-20 15:08:35

cosmetic mixing equipment

The cosmetic mixing equipment belong to DSH Series mixing equipment in JCT. it\'s a no-dead-spot power mixing and dispersion equipment for cosmetic production.

The cosmetic mixing equipment adopts unique stirring mechanisms; with its lower vessel fixed and unmoved, dispersion discs and make planetary revolution and rotation, and speed adjustments made by the frequency.It makes the materials move in a complex manner, with strong shearing and kneading forces, for full dispersion and mixing of materials, completely eliminating mixing dead spots.

An automatic wall scraper mechanism is designed in the vessel, which continuously scraps any material adhering to the wall.the cosmetic mixing equipment is uniquely sealed, can be pressurized or vacuumed.It\'s widely used in chemical products, light industry, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, building materials, pesticide and etc.

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