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The constructure of kneader

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-04-20 09:53:20

dispersion kneader15

The kneader mainly consists of six parts, kneading part, base part, vacuum part, vacuum system, hydraulic system, the transmission system, and electric control system,etc.

The kneader part includes cylinder, plasma axis,wallboard, cylinder head. Hydraulic system manipulates two small cylinders and two large cylinder by a hydraulic station ,to finish closing the cover as well as fliping mixing tank,the system design pressure is 7.0Mpa, the electric control has automatic and manual system. All of above can be designed by our professional engineers, and we will choose the suitable machine with clients\' requirement.

The transmission system consists of motor,speed reducer and gears, what\'s more, the motor is choosen by the motor of kneader.

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