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The propeller agitator is a powder processing machinery?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-05 11:20:33

propeller agitator

The propeller agitator is a powder processing machinery? yes, it belongs to a kind of propeller agitator.with two or more propeller, propeller agitator can finish a good performance in powder mixing, kneading, dispersion, dissloving and other chemical production process.

propeller agitator

JCT propeller agitator can adapt a wide range for various powder mixed.it can\'t appear the phenomenon with overheating.the pellet material will not feed back and grind,propeller agitator adapts to the proportion of materials with large particles of powder material;it\'s applicable to the ceramic glaze mixing process, the material particles will not be pressure-fed or broken;

JCT propeller agitator can be designed according to your requirement.we can also provide the service of maintenance for 3 years.Propeller agitator is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticides, dyes, building materials such as powder and powder mixing and reaction.if you have any question about JCT propeller agitator, please tell me at mobile: 008618028192312.

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