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The principle of planetary power mixer

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-04-25 11:51:50

planetary mixer principle

The principle of the planetary power mixer includes immoblie feeding barrel and scattered disk & impeller which revolute and rotates in an adjustable speed. The unique design helps the materials in the kettle crashes intricately, strongly sheared and rubbed; without dead center. In the kettle, an automatic scraping brings down the materials on the wall to join in the mix.

planetary mixer priciple planetary mixer priciple planetary mixer priciple

Unique sealing device may be pressurized or vacuum to the air bubble. Kettle has special seal structure to pressure and vacuum, so that the exhaust can be well expelled.The equipment is applicable to the process of mix, react,disperse, dissolute, homogenizes, emulsify the multi-component solid, soild phase, solid-liquid, liquid, liquid materials.

mixer planetary mixer planetary mixer planetary mixer planetary mixer planetary

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