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The htv silicone rubber machinery supplier

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-01-02 15:18:41

htv silicone rubber

Htv Silicone rubber is based on the methyl or vinyl group containing linear high polymer polyorganosiloxane (commonly known as raw rubber), with reinforcing fillers, incremental fillers and to give a variety of additives to the performance of the preparation Into the base rubber. What machine can produce the htv silicone rubber? The kneader machine is an ideal equipment that can produce the kneader machine.

kneader machine

The kneader machine can be found in the JCT company,which has been manufacturing and exporting chemical machine for 19 year old. The kneader machine is the hot sale machine for the htv silicone rubber which has export many countries such as India, Pakistan, Belarus, Sri Lanka,Sudan,etc. As the same time,we can supply the whole htv silicone rubber production line for you.

kneader machine (2)

As a professional manufacturer in kneader mixer, we can supply the three heating ways of the kneader mixer. The kneader mixer can use three heating ways which are oil heating, steam heating and heating in water. You can the heating way that fits your project. On the other hand, we can supply the volume of kneader mixer from 5L to 5000L. When you produce htv silicone rubber ,you can contact us as much as possible.

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