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The hot melt glue production line supplier

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-01-13 14:28:40

hot melt glue

Hot melt glue is a plastic adhesive, in a certain temperature range, its physical state changes with temperature change. And its chemical properties unchanged, its non-toxic and tasteless, which is environmentally friendly chemical products. There are three types of hot melt glue which are strip, block and granular. What machine can be produce the hot melt glue?

jacket reactor (3)

The jacket reactor is an excellent equipemnt that can be produced the hot melt glue. It can be found in the JCT company. As a specialized hot melt glue machinery in China,we have been exporting many countries such as Inida, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan,etc. We can supply the volume of jacket reactor from 50 to 30000L. You can choose the volume of jacket reactor that fits your project.

hot melt glue production line machine

In the production of hot melt glue, we can supply the three heating ways of jacket reactor which are eletric heating, steam heating and heated in water. What’s more, our company can supply the formule of three kinds of hot melt glue. And we have an excellent and professionl technical team that can help you solve your needs.If you are interested in the hot melt glue, please contact us as much as possible.

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