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Do you know the details of the glass reactor?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2018-03-28 16:29:56

Jacket reactor

Good afternoon! Today we mainly talk about glass reactors.

The glass reactor mainly utilizes the characteristics of its double glass. It can place the reaction material (also called reaction solvent) in the middle sandwich. Through the stirring reaction under normal pressure or negative pressure, the glass reactor passes through the double layer reaction.

jacket reactor(0)

The interlayer of the kettle is filled with a constant temperature (high or low temperature) hot solution or coolant to heat or cool the contents of the reactor and provide stirring. The glass reactor kettle can be filled with different hot and cold circulating fluids (hot water/hot oil/refrigerant). In a sealed glass container, the reactants are stirred at normal pressure or negative pressure.

jacket reactor (2)

The transparent reaction process is clear at a glance. It is an ideal experimental equipment for the synthesis of modern biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and new materials. Tomorrow will tell you guys with glass reactor features. If you want to know more, free contact us as soon as possible.

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