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The cream cosmetics production line suppier

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-02-02 14:15:58

cream cosmetics

As people's living standards improving , cream cosmetics has become an integral part of women's lives, people just go out, will draw a beautiful makeup, which requires cosmetics. What machine can be produced the cream cosmetis? The power mixer is an excellent machine that can be produced the cream cosmetic.

 power mixer (2)

The power mixer can be found in JCT company. The JCT company is specializing in producing and exporting chemical machine. The power mxier is hot sale product in JCT company which has export many countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Holand,etc. And many clients use the power mixer which can produce cream cosmetics. The equipment material of power mixer can be 316L, 321,304, carbon steel.

 power mixer

The power mixer also can be called powerful disperser or planetary mixer. Because the power mixer fully combines the characteristics of planetary mixer and powerful disperser. As a power mixer manufacturer in China. We can design the volume of power mxier from 5L to 2000L, Mixing time is between 15 and 60 minutes. If you are interested in producing the cream cosmetics, please contact us as much as possible.

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