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The blaze of Rubber kneader dispersion machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-04-20 09:55:42

rubber kneader machine

The blaze of Rubber kneader dispersion machine 

The blaze of Rubber kneader dispersion machine is a high efficient equipment forrubber manufacturing,  which can work out some processing in high viscosity and elastic shaping material. 

For example, rubber kneader dispersion machine is a professional equipment for rubber dispersion, in the view of high working performance, rubber kneader machine can finish a good job for rubber dispersion.

What's more,the dispersion blaze of rubber kneader machine can be divided into two kinds of structure. One is fishtail type stirring paddle, which is suitable type for cellulosic material kneading, another is Z shape stirring paddle, which is good for paint of resin when the material is on the high viscosity condition. 

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