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The applications and features of silicone oil

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-01-27 14:32:05

silicone oil

Silicone oil is made by hydrolysis of dimethyldichlorosilane initial condensed polycyclic ring, the ring after cracking, distillation obtained low ring. Then through the ring body, the head agent, the catalyst together telogen, you can get a variety of different degrees of polymerization of the mixture, the vacuum distillation to remove low boilers can be obtained silicone oil.

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Silicone oil is generally colorless (or light yellow), tasteless, non-toxic, non-volatile liquid. Silicone oil has excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, weatherability, hydrophobicity, physiological inertia and small surface tension. In addition, it also has a low viscosity coefficient, high compression resistance, and some varieties also have radiation-resistant properties.

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Silicone oil has a wide range of applications, its scope of application has been expanded to, construction, electrical and electronic, textile, automotive, machinery, leather paper, chemical light industry, metal and paint, medical and medical and so on. JCT company is specializing in manufacturing and exporting chemical machine. If you are interested in producing the silicone oil, please contact us as much as possible.

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