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The Kazakhstan client order the power mixer for the emulsion

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-12-18 14:37:11

Kazakhstan client

On the Decembeber 15th , we get to the Guangzhou South Railway Station to pick up the client from Kazakhstan. Before coming to our company, he has chated with us that he wants to order the power mixer for emulsion. As the emulsion has a potenial market in his country, he wants to take this time to visit our company and negotiate about the project.


we give a brief introduction about the power mixer for him in car. He is satisfied with our introduction.When we got to our company ,He thanks us for the hospitality that we hve along the way. we both start a preliminary negotiations abour the power mixer. With the help of the technical engineer, our negotiations is very smoothy that he is interested in the machine.

power mixer

He suggest that he wants to visit the factory and proce to the next negotiation. At his request, we led him to visit our factory. During the visit of the factory, our engineer make a mechanical experiment about the power mixer. He is satisfied with the power mxier when he see the examination of the machine. So our further negotiations are smooth about the project. Finally, we both get a preliminary cooperation intention.

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