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Rio green pool is chemical jacketed vessel reaction?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-17 10:03:15

chemical vessel

The chemical jacketed vessel is a typical reaction vessel in resins, paint, ink,various adhesives,rubber,cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.it\'s a kind of chemical reaction vessel.in addition,do you know the chemical jacketed vessel reaction in Rio green pool?

jacketed vessel

Many people concerned the color of the water in the pool in polo games,the water in the left side is green ,but the right is clear ,so ,it is become an obvious contrast,but what is the reason ?let\'s explore it together!

chemical vessel

The pool is like the chemical vessel reaction ,adding the chlorine into the top water an play an role of sterilization and inhibition of bacterial growth ,so as to achieve the goal of purification .but if the peroxide(hydrogen peroxide ) mix up with the chlorine. It will be make them occurs neutralized reaction in the water ,and produced kelp ,the kelp could breed fast and until the water turns green.

jacketed vessel

In my opinion, in order to make the game can be carried out smoothly, change clear water is a necessary,and do not let the pool become a chemical vessel!

chemical vessel

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