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Ribbon blender working principle

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-06-02 10:56:07

ribbon blender working principle

The ribbon blender is a effective powder mixer, in gererally,it\'s suitable for viscous or cohesive particulates, liquid and pasty materials.

Due to the viscosity of the materials, it\'s difficult to clean, ribbon blender is suitable for large production and varieties in unfrequent changed.

The horizontal ribbon mixer is driven by a motor through a reduction of the special arrangement of ribbon spindle rotation.outer ribbon put the material to the centerof machine, inner ribbon push the material to a certain position or plates,both of them can make materials to mutual diffusion,convection, shear, dislocation and radial movement,to achieve a steady mixing performance in a short time.

There are three stirring way with standard design.continuous ribbon,Interrupter ribbon,and blaze can be chosen,they were arranged on the requirements of the center or bottom discharge materials.

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